5 Methods to Cope with Anxiety 

Anxiety and its Effects on Children Anxiety comes in various forms and affects many children in the U.S. daily. Studies have shown that 9.4% of children aged between 3 and 17 suffer from anxiety. Keeping this knowledge in mind, educating children and adolescents on methods they can use to cope with their anxiety disorder is […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem 

Positive Effects of High Self-Esteem on Mental Health Confidence is built early on in child development. The environment and parenting play a prominent role in a child’s self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem allows children to navigate life with less confusion, giving them the tenacity to make hard decisions and withstand challenges they might face as they grow […]

Supporting Children with Mental Health

Supporting Children with Mental Health

Mental health is a big issue for children and adolescents. In any given year, 1 in 5 young people aged 13-18 experience a mental health disorder. And yet, only about 20% of these young people receive treatment. There are many different types of mental health disorders that can affect children and adolescents, including anxiety disorders, […]