3 Sustainable Movies You Need to See

3 Sustainable Movies You Need to See

The film industry produced $35.3 billion in revenue in America last year, while the fashion industry grew at a rate of 12% in 2020. The fashion industry is predicted to grow an additional 12% each year. What does this mean for us and our world?

This rise in numbers could be detrimental to our environment, as natural resources continue to deplete and the clothing production process continues to produce great amounts of pollution, greenhouse gasses, and great amounts of waste.

Want to learn more? Take a look at these 3 movies that dive deep into the effects of the fashion industry on our environment.

3 Sustainable Movies to Watch

1. The True Cost

The 2015 film, The True Cost by filmmaker Andrew Morgan explores fast fashion and production while examining consumerism patterns and after effects on the environment.

The film explores the 1960s, in which the American fashion industry produced 95% of the clothes its people wore. 50 years later, in the 2010’s it was found that only 3% of clothing was produced in the United States, with the rest produced in developing countries. Additionally, the use of pesticides is a huge source of pollution to the environment caused by the fashion industry. These specific pesticides and the pollution gave off have been linked to brain tumors in the long term.

Andrew Morgan examines the media effects of consumerism, American waste of clothing, and conditions in which workers have to make a living during this must-see, eye-opening film.

2. An Inconvenient Truth

Davis Guggenheim’s 2006 film, The Inconvenient Truth, is just that, very uncomfortable and factual while pointing Americans towards what they don’t like: inconvenience. Convenience is marketed everywhere now, and people love convenient meals, technology, and production. Al Gore uncovers the effects of climate change caused by the fashion industry and how it can affect the future of the world.

The compelling, must-see documentary film uses science to hand you the facts about global warming, climate change, and what immediate actions we need to take to stop the man-made greenhouse gas production catastrophe. 

3. Wall-E

A powerful film intended for all age groups, Andrew Stanton’s 2008 animated film, Wall-E looks deep into the effects of consumerism on the environment.

Wall-E is set in the future, where humans have destroyed Earth with their habits and are now inhabiting a spaceship in outer space called “Buy n Large,” where they can be found laying in chairs and ordering food on virtual screens. Wall-E is a robot that crushes garbage left behind on earth into small cubes. When he meets a futuristic robot, Eve, they are determined to save humanity together.

The need-to-see film is a children’s story of two robots that fall in love, but it also holds a powerful truth about consumerism and its effects of it on the environment. A great family film!

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